Логотип Иркутского национального исследовательского технического университета

ISM 2019 XVII International
Congress for Mine Surveying

The company “ALROSA” supported conducting of the Congress

The company ALROSA is among the leading diamond-mining companies in the world. Its diamond recovery accounts for 27% and 95% of the world and Russian production accordingly. Mining activities of ALROSA include nine countries as well as ten regions in Russia.

ALROSA performs exploration, recovery and selling of diamonds. The mining is carried out in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic and Arkhangelsk region, developing eleven kimberlite pipes and sixteen gravel deposits. The engineering capabilities of the company are based on the up-to-date achievements in the sphere of technologies and equipment as well as the unique technological experience in the severe climatic conditions at the north of Russia. As a result of negotiations in 2018 the company showed the intention to support XVII International Mine Surveying Congress in 2019.

The source of information is the company’s site: http://www.alrosa.ru.

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