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ISM 2019 XVII International
Congress for Mine Surveying

For the first time Russia will host the International Mine Surveying Congress

For the first time in the history of ISM Congresses (International Society for Mine Surveying) Russia will host the International Congress of the ISM. In September, 26 -30 there will take place the XVII Congress for the specialists in the field of mine surveying and geodesy from all over the world that are ISM members. Any other specialists and professionals in the above mention or related spheres and interested in professional communication are invited and welcome.

ISM is an international mine surveying society, which conducts its activities as an independent international non-profit-making and non-state organization. It is a C category organization (MUTUAL COMMUNICATORY RELATIONS) according to the letter of UNESCO Director-General of 22nd June, 1977.

The main objective of the Society is to promote international cooperation in the sphere of mine surveying and geodesy by means of conducting international conferences and congresses, sharing mutual know-how, resource interchange, exchange of students, scientific colleagues and relevant specialists.

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