Логотип Иркутского национального исследовательского технического университета

ISM 2019 XVII International
Congress for Mine Surveying


The Congress will take place 26-30 September, 2019 at the premises of INRTU and Baikal Business Centre.

The organizers do not provide the accommodation, for a hotel booking we recommend:

Наиболее популярные гостиницы
и отели Иркутска

The hotels in Irkutsk vary greatly in prices, the variety of services and the range of extra services offered to the guests.

The most popular hotels in Irkutsk are:

  • Hotel Baikal Business Centre

    Hotel Baikal Business Centre

    Baykalskaya St. 279.
    to the city centre 6.0km

    cost of rooms from 5.000 roubles.

    Vanue of Congress
    use the ISM2019 discount code

  • Hotel COURTYARD Marriot

    Hotel COURTYARD Marriot

    Chkalov St. 15
    to the city centre 0.6km

    cost of rooms from 8.000 roubles.

  • Hotel SAYEN

    Hotel SAYEN

    Karl Marks St. 13Б
    to the city centre 0.9km

    cost of rooms from 11 000 roubles.

  • IBIS Hotel

    IBIS Hotel

    Polina Osipenko St. 5
    to the city centre 0.8km

    cost of rooms from 6.000 roubles.

  • Hotel NORTH SEA

    Hotel NORTH SEA

    Dalnevostochnaya St. 156
    to the city centre 4.6km

    cost of rooms from 6.900 roubles.

  • Hotel ANGARA

    Hotel ANGARA

    Sukhe-Bator St. 7
    in the city centre

    cost of rooms from 4.000 roubles.

  • Hotel Soyuz

    Hotel Soyuz

    Yury Ten St. 12/4
    to the city centre 4.4km.

    cost of rooms from 4.200 roubles.